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In the jungle of Peru, Icaro is the name that called the song or melody that shamans used during the conduct of its work and rituals.

The chanting of the shamán is one of its most important healing weapons, in the concrete expression of the shamanic wisdom and also a vehicle for personal power of shaman.
The Icaro is a vital part of shamanic task in the Amazon.

That song sums up the knowledge of the shaman, as it is his weapon healing heritage and inheritance work leaving his disciples. It is basically the vehicle of his energy.

In these cultures the fact "Icarar" specifically means that the shaman is "loading" with  his power an object or a potion, to the that, of this way confers it, some special ownership for being transmitted who will receive it either protection, healing, cleaning or to influence his will in some sense. this is done singing the "Icaros" directly above the object or substance, that it will communicate, of receptor.

the “icaros” that we use refers to certain plants, animals and some local landscapes, masters of power and symbolism.

Most of them is written in dialects of the Peruvian Amazon and some Quechua.
If the shaman is intimately connected with the Icaro, will know when, how and with whom to use it.

At these levels of meditation, the shaman can hear sounds made by nature. These sounds are played by the Master in ayahuasca ceremonies and shamanic healing. These are called Icaros, melodious songs that participants take them to a state of absolute relaxation.

The meaning of these ceremonies and shamanic healing, is connected in the sense of compression icaros.

The shamans will guide us, through their songs, the Icaro  helps metabolize the visions, removes subjective contents at different levels, to guide us in the work of self-examination both mental, physical and spiritual.

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