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PALERO (Span): (n) A vegetalista who uses plants from the bark of various trees such as ayahúman (Couroupita guianensis), huacapú (Minquartia guinensis), clavohuasca (Tynanthas panurensis), chuchuwasa (Heisteria pallida), ch'ullachaki-caspi (Brysonima christianiae), remocaspi, lupuna colorada, among other.


Perfumero (Span): A vegetalista who employs different fragrances to use in healing.  A vegetalista who has learned the way of the plants by dieting with a perfume extracted from several varieties of teacher plants.



Renaquilla, renaco (Span): (n) (Ficus spp.) If those who ingest this bush have dieted properly, the mama of this plant will come in dreams and teach the quester how to heal with the plant, which is unmatched in curative powers for fractures and lesions. It can be applied raw or cooked.



Shacapa (Amaz): (n) It is a plant of the jungle. also serves as a instrument of shamans of the Amazon.


Shaman: (n) A person, male or female, who has an overwhelming psychological experience that turns him totally inward. The whole unconscious opens up, and the shaman falls into it.  A man or woman who travels to the parallel worlds where time and space have no meaning and who uses the powers of those worlds, the subconscious, and the realities of this world to cause change. Shamans can alter a person’s health, the weather, or the relationship between a community and its surroundings.  A man or woman, initiated into a lineage, who enters an altered state of consciousness at will. The shaman does this to contact and utilize a hidden reality  to acquire knowledge and to help others. The shaman usually works with one or more spirits.


Shamanism: (n) The body of knowledge and practice of the shaman. An ancient,worldwide practice of engaging with spirit helpers and the forces of the natural world to develop relationships, solve problems, and perform healing.


Sorcerer (Eng): (n) A practitioner of sorcery.


Sorcery (Eng): (n) Occult and magical practices considered associated with hostility, evil and darkness, tending to induce illness and death in a subject, rather than healing.


Susto (Span): (n) (1) A state of terror. (2) A folk illness with strong psychological overtones defined as fright sickness and characterized by soul loss.



Vegetalista (Span): (n) Indigenous healer who employs plants. By far, in the Peruvian Amazon, most are ayahuasceros. You can only become a good vegetalista by keeping a diet or fasting for years.

Virote: (n) A magical dart often thrown by a sorcerer with the intention of causing illness or death. Such malevolent darts are made from the thorns of various plants and trees, the beak of certain birds, the fangs of snakes, or the hair of the casha-cushillo.



Warmi, huarmi: (n) Woman, wife



Yaku puma: (n) Giant river otter, also called a water jaguar and river wolf


Yana Puma: (n) The black jaguar that mythically lives both on earth and in water and is considered by Amazonians to be a bridge between the two elements. It is destructive and voracious. Its icaro is used for mal aire and to put an hark'ana (protection ) on the newly born to ensure strength, to make it easy for pregnant women to give birth, and as a defense when one is attacked by a sorcerer during a trance. She can make people sleep in order to devour them.  (2) The black jaguar.












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