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Alfonso Gutierrez – Shaman 

I am Peruvian, my spiritual journey began when I went to the Andes in search of the sacred plant, ayahuasca,In the Andes, I did a lot of ayahuasca ceremonies and learned about ayahuasca.

Then I went to the Peruvian jungle, Iquitos. Where truly born and raised, ayahuasca, then I met a shaman, called Ladimiro Murayari, he was who taught me about shamanism in the jungle, transmitted to me, his teaching, passing from generation to generation, from old masters of the forest.

Today we work together doing ayahuasca ceremonies and shamanic healing in our shamanic healing center, located on the banks of the Amazon river


On my way I learned and still continue, that each of us has a healing power, we can heal ourselves with whom we have relationships and our environment. it is possible you can teach others to learn to awaken and develop their psychic abilities to find harmony, peace and love in our environment, key is within us, and only there we will find that  power.

Ladimiro Murayari-
Master shaman and his wife Maria angelica Rodriguez - shaman Healer

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