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Ayahuasca mother, doctor and teacher
The healing properties of Ayahuasca
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Ayahuasca is not a hallucinogen or drug, is a typical plant that comes from the Amazon, is known and used historically by the Amazonian indigenous peoples, who consider the ayahuasca and the spirit of nature.

Ayahuasca in Quechua means 'dead rope' because of its etymology and a 'dead, dead, spirit' and huasca 'rope, rope' because the beliefs of native peoples Ayahuasca is the rope that allows the spirit leaves the without this dead body.

The northeastern Amazonian shamans claim that Peru is through ayahuasca knowledge acquired from other plants. The ayahuasca are "inner speech" and allows healers to combat all kinds of evils and followers visit your minds and your past to learn about themselves.


Ayahuasca is one of the pillars of identity of Amazonian peoples of Peru and ancestral use in traditional rituals, guaranteeing cultural continuity and their therapeutic virtues.

Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) when ingested allows channel opening of the unconscious, so it is a miracle plant that can connect with the unconscious, to that lost world, illogical and headquarters of large complex original information, for that reason is considered a master plant that opens the "door" that allows passage from one reality to another parallel to the great universal reality, with the touch and ayahuasca is achieved through the door of one dimension to another and manages to explore the depths of the unconscious without separated from the conscious channel. As incredible and absurd as it may seem in a state of "trance" with ayahuasca, the person has a reduced wakefulness. That connection is what allows after returning from the journey taken.

Ayahuasca is a combination of plants with psychoactive ingredients that reproduce the feeling that someone feels seconds before dying. During mental state that can last several hours or days (depending on dose) the human mind has the ability to see other worlds. The feeling that prove the shamans are all pretty similar. The journey begins with an intense euphoric feeling, then the soul feels as if it were catapulted out of his body. When this happens traveling at supersonic speeds million colors and geometric shapes that you are against. Shapes and colors unexpectedly disappear. Just disappear each shaman has his own experience.

Ayahuasca is a sacred beverage and medicine, from the jungle, prepared from a vine or liana, Banisteriopsis caapi, and a bush, chacuruna, Psychotria viridis, which promotes healing as a holistic and sacred, and the possibility of a shift in paradigms and mental patterns and re-dial the perceptual process, which eliminates the causes of the disease at its roots.

Ayahuasca is also known as "Master" or "Mother", a conscious being, which invites us to heal and thus join the creative flow of cosmic dimensions are singing very high that the healing of our planet and humanity, in this special time, the gift of healing lies within each one, not a gift given only to some. It's your right from birth ... everyone can learn to heal .. . This is what shamans do, learn to perceive and regulate their energy to use in healing. " Over time, healers and shamans have practiced their art in different ways: through prayer, invocation, the rhythmic and tonal energy transfer through crystals, herbs, etc. ..

Ayahuasca, the unconscious dimension can go without losing sight of the reality in which one lives. The unconscious is the entrance into the new world where there is no time, space, or logical order, much like a dream. The forgotten unconscious material seems unknown, but is real in another dimension and view of integrating these elements lost very close, then strengthen the mechanism of healing from the inside: "To realize a world where there is no sense, make sense a world which one is unaware. " People have a role in the past, the journey is long, challenging and rewarding on those original sources.




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