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The healing properties of Ayahuasca
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The healing properties of Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca is well-known and used to be traditionally like a laxative one for the body and the soul. When Ayahuasca is drank we made a deep organic and psychological-spiritual cleaning. Ayahuasca is magical medicine that produces real recover effects. Several organic malaises have been treated, and even still, this one wonderful substance continues give us unexpected results with the variety of physical problems that solves, after a consequent period of treatment.



The purge with Ayahuasca is an integral purge therefore includes also necessarily a psychological type of. One is the expulsion of mental self-conditions that are detrimental to us. Ayahuasca allows us to make the self-criticism of greater quality of all our existence. It is the most complete self-evaluation; it is the balance or self-analysis of greater benefit than we can get. It is to visualize our life in detail to begin from this recognition to look for the most pertinent solutions our latent difficulties. The profit of the development of this self-knowledge is to stare pretty concentrate ourselves.



Deep route through our psychic evolution, reviewing each stage of our life for one better self-understanding. It is a true and real  to return to live some passages on our life, to surpass conflicts. This retrospection is the base necessary to watch towards our future. A clear and complete glance towards the past allows to project us to the future



This regressive process, unblocks traumas, fear, phobias; implanted emotional blockades in our subconscious mind during our childhood, intrauterine life or even, possible previous lives which represent our present tendencies and limitations. Ayahuasca allows to develop our own inherent learning to the own evolutionary line and to discover or to re-discover our personal aim and how to take the right decisions in the daily life.



Ayahuasca allows to rehabilitate drug addicts or subjects of compulsive behavior. It is an excellent medicine to treat the dependencies like prohibited hard drugs and also those ones which pretend to be inoffensive legal drugs. By its revealing capacity to joint the wide-awake conscience with the sub-conscientious world straight up the sense of life that the patient or drug addict has lost.



The innate spiritual search, canalizes when entering in the magical dimension of the Ayahuasca, that allows to feel and to live to God within one same one.


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