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The ayahuasca retreat in the jungle of iquitos - Peru, beginning in the evening In from 9 pm and can last about 4 hours, during ayahuasca ceremony the shaman guides us Through his Icaros (songs of the shaman given by the spirits of nature), after drinking the sacred drink, ayahuasca has a deep impact on the body, mind, emotions and spirit that allows us to confront and conquer our deepest fears, revitalize life energies and awaken a higher level of consciousness.

In the ayahuasca retreat opens a connection to spirituality that will last a lifetime, the ingestion of ayahuasca does not produce any sort of dependency, rather, healing our body, mind and spirit.

Many times in an ayahuasca retreat may be vomiting, diarrhea, sweating and other effects of purification, which is how the teacher ayahuasca healing, teaching and guiding.

The active Ayahuasca pineal gland, this gland is closely related mind religious mystical experiences.

The ayahuasca, psychologically, as divine drink or wonderful, offers the possibility of accepting our subconscious or unconscious world, revealing and uncovering the mystery of knowing also. This opening is equivalent to a new dimension of consciousness.

The ayahuasca, mythological and traditionally is the highest Deity (Divine) all natural reality as "The Mother Ayahuasca", the spirit of all spirits.

The ayahuasca has an important value and significance because the lighting extraordinary state of consciousness during the Trance (Ecstasy) that it achieves, is an authentic and effective source of personal

The ayahuasca places the brain in expanded states of vibration, working optimally and so, the person reaches higher states of consciousness. Ayahuasca is NOT a drug, addictive NO, NO causes unbalanced states of hallucination, nor is there loss of consciousness, however, the feeling is one of total control, greater alertness, body control, it knows where you are .

The challenge of the person is to understand the real meaning of the visions that ayahuasca plant shows that learning and use in our daily life, therefore, before an ayahuasca ceremony, we always recommend that people do not build expectations of the experiences of others, it is not always so, as each person has their own experience with Ayahuasca.


The ayahuasca peru retreat, in this modern era, it is understood as an extraordinary Chemical, equivalent to a Brain neurotransmitter or hormone which activates the psyche and reveals or reveals the infinite human potential.

The best thing is ayahuasca peru retreat in their region where plant born ayahuasca - in iquitos - Peru ".


Ayahuasca Retreat in the jungle - iquitos - Peru

Ayahuasca Retreat in the Peruvian jungle are aimed at all interested public in general for Auto-discovery and self-knowledge.

Come to the Peruvian jungle to experience the sacred drink - The ayahuasca.

Enjoy in full consciousness and in a profound way, the extraordinary experience of discovering our inner teacher.







-Stay in our shamanic center - Awkipuma.

- Complete Food.

-3 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

- 1 bathroom budding jungle style.

-1 Cleaning icaros astral field (medicine songs shaman).

-Walk through the Peruvian jungle to appreciate the flora and fauna.

-Boating on the Amazon River and river Tahuayo to appreciate the pink dolphins and aquatic plants.

- Visit to local communities to appreciate their customs and crafts typical of the Peruvian jungle.

-meeting with shamans about experiences with ayahuasca and medicinal plants.



- Domestic flights Lima-Iquitos - Lima.
- Hotels in the city of Iquitos and meals.
-Transportation in the city of Iquitos.
- Personal expenses.

* Registration for those interested in retreats are open throughout the year, provided we have prior coordination with the coordinator (Alfonso Gutiérrez).


The dates for retreats Shamanic start every month, if you are interested in any month of the year to come to our shamanic - Awkipuma please write with confidence.


We ask people to please write us which month and day wish to come to the Peruvian rainforest - Iquitos, is very important to our program programarles mystic who starts every month, hope your understanding and trust.

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