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Power animals

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Power animals

A power animal is a strength or a specific purpose and we're going to find it, during the shamanic journey

The power animal brings strength physical mental and spiritual , for example: the eagle, bring us near the light of the soul has the gift of vision, teaches us to fly high, in the dominions of the great spirit, is the energy of the animal  and is what you get the person who receives this animal.

One of our first trips, you can be destined to know your power animal.
The power animal will be your guide during your trip astral.

The power animal can advise us,  by means of, example and it will  guide us on the way of the world another.

Sometimes our animal will walk with us, others it may fuse with us, during a time watching and listening with its eyes and ears.

When we connect with our power animal, we will absorb, its essence, renewing our energy, transmuting negativity at all levels recovering the integrity and strength to overcome challenges.

The experiences with power animals, allow us access to a magical dimension of reality. They are portals to the sacred knowledge, ancient truths that are waiting to the seeker.

Recovering ancient and sacred relationship between man and nature is a necessity for modern man.

Receive a power animal, opens a new world of possibilities, where anything is possible.

Each person has his power animal, or guardian spirit, they are there waiting for us to be our guide


The Eagle:Represents the spirit, has the gift of vision.
The Eagle brings us near the light of the soul.
the eagle allows us to glorify us, to the heights the realm of spirit and of the fire.

The fox:
It is fast and cunning, and is a master of camouflage. It is capable of to value, the situations with cunning and vigilance. The fox shows us the way, to remain hidden while we carry out our matter and waiting in silence the best opportunities

The hummingbird:
It has the domain of the air element, can fly up, down, back and ahead, and also stay in one same place pretending to be motionless.

The owl:
The owl can give us a deep knowledge is a strong ally of those who want to expand their consciousness.
It has a great awareness in every moment of everything that there around it. It has predator vision, which means that everything see clear.

The dolphin:
The dolphin symbolizes the breath of life and spirit of communication, which has its own rhythm, like the movement of tides. This establishes a link mammal with the rhythms of nature and shows us how to reach solutions in this time of crisis for the earth. Hear the message of joy and freedom of the dolphins!

The butterfly:
The butterfly gives us the transformation through their life cycles, starting with the egg and following the insect larvae and to become into a beautiful winged adult.
The butterfly represents freedom, live for now, while willingness to change. The wings of this animal transport us.

The Snake:
The snakes represent the cycle of transformation through birth, sexuality, death and rebirth, by the fact that change skin.
The gifts of the serpent brings understanding, patience, sense of time, a deep identification with the instincts and the gift of transformation.
The transformation always arises from a change in consciousness.

The jaguar:
The jaguar looks roads in chaos. Understands the patterns of chaos. The jaguar can move without fear in darkness, makes the work of the soul, and has psychic vision, moves through unknown places. Power comes from the self-confidence.
Change of form, transmuting.

The dog:
Known as the best friend of man, dogs are the guardians of the treasures and mysteries.
They are also faithful and loyal, since apparently these animals have the internal gift of understanding and acceptance.

The dog shows that issues need to maintain our loyalty and commitment and teaches us to keep faithful to what is truly important in our lives, and maintain our inner treasures guarded.

The woodpecker:
The rhythmic clatter of the woodpecker on the trunk of trees is sound as produced by the shaman's drum.
The woodpecker teaches us to build "nests" safe places for things and people believe. It teaches us to listen to internal and external rhythms that control our lives, to flow in favor of our current energy, not against them, to listen to the vibrations of the ground and beat in keeping up with our hearts. The woodpecker has the strength of feeling and intuition, and establishes a connection with nature so that we learn to respect, to love and enjoy it.
The grizzly:
Similar to brown, gray or grizzly, is the largest and strongest of the bears and knows where to find medicinal roots, herbs and other valuable things that are underground.
The bear teaches us to look within the treasure trove. His period of hibernation indicates the time to retreat to dream and think that way we can achieve our goals.


The wolf:
The wolf is a teacher and mentor, plus an excellent guide in the afterlife.
It teaches us to be safe and well hidden in esoteric matters and to find out and capture our meanings.

This animal, showing us the ways of the soul through the inner light.

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