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Shamanic healing consists of a set of very ancient healing techniques, integrated with the Aboriginal worldview, but applicable to our current problems.

Humans can be compared to a battery. Everyday all consume energy. As well as an empty battery no longer works, a body without forces already cannot comply with your needs. The consequences are fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, and finally disease.

However, each can re-take new energy. believe in the good, and the desire to heal itself. Everywhere, human beings are surrounded over curatives waves and he only has to attract it.

Define our attitude front to the disease or ailment, it is necessary to distinguish between healing and health.

CURE is when the human will and conscious of the person, is integrated into the most intimate and profound desire of being. When they join these two wills, the human and the divine - stops  the dualism and it says there was a cure.

This occurs at a level internal consciousness and is reflected in the external and physical life

HEALTH, refers to the normal functioning of body processes, to the physical laws of nature and life

Interior healing and physical health does not always go together. For example,  you can be spiritually good. and, have the body ill or you can have a good health and not be spiritually well. that is to say many people can be healthy physically but not spiritually or, contrary.

A healthy body is the basis for a life in harmony with himself, with its fellow and with nature.

Healing is the form to start by the spirit, transmitting it to the mind and, manifesting in our physical.

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