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Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice that exists. It contains no dogma, and very few rules, because shamanism is based on facts, in experimentation and knowledge.

Shamanism is the shamanic journey on this trip is where we begin to experience the different levels of reality  namely that, we exist in many dimensions, and to discover the shaman, that we have within us.

The shaman is before, that nothing that on, which cures, but  taking the word healing, in a sense much broader and deeper.

The essence of the shaman, to cure, today must be understood as the capacity  to make, or facilitate that the others they cured.

Shamanism is a path of the heart that opens and comprehend with love, to all nature.
Is itself a path, of beauty and equilibrium.

The shaman perceives everything, as divine, he feels it as divine. for the shaman, nature is not a gift of God is God

Being shaman is to communicate with divinity, to go in, in harmony with the universe. to profit by the energy of all creation for the benefit of human life


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