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Shamanic workshop
The shamanic diet
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Shamanic Diet is a deep cleansing process in the traditional Amazonian shamanism.

The medicine is going to take medicinal plant teachers.

Shamanic Diet is to have a very restricted diet. You can eat only a few very soft foods such as plantains, cassava, rice, a type of bush meat, and a type of fish. Without salt.

During that period, they ingested one or more medicinal plant teachers during the diet.

You are cleansing your body with a limited diet, while the ingestion of medicinal plants teacher, absorbed into your body and energy loads.

Traditionally, shamanic diet is made only by a shaman or shaman apprentice, or as part of certain types of healing. In general, shamanic diet suggest that only people who are very interested in the practice of Amazonian shamanism. This requires a deep commitment on the part of the diet.

The shamanic diet, is a process of rebalancing through the ingestion of Ayahuasca and medicinal plants

These plants operate at three levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

The plant teachers are those within the Amazonian tradition properly ingested generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions about its healing properties, they also serve to give us an insight about ourselves and about life in general. Help interpret the facts or events that have influenced the process of life.

Shamanic diet can be much more beneficial for you because you have more energy during the day and ayahuasca ceremonies.

There are certain restrictions to be followed during and after the Diet.

For example, during the Diet, is not allowed to use soap or toothpaste (you can bathe himself with water - no soap or tooth paste s for the duration of the diet and should avoid direct physical contact with others (with the exception of shamans and other people doing the diet).

Diet restrictions during camp:

* No cosmetics including repellent and toothpaste
* No tour boat
* Do not leave the field
* Do not touch anyone, including shaking hands and hugging
* No coffee
* Only eat and drink what we serve in the diet


Diet restrictions after the shaman:

* No sex for 45 days
* Do not consume alcohol for 45 days
* Do not eat pork for 6 months
* No drugs for 45 days


During this week of diet do the following

- Day 1 .- We ayahuasca ceremony in the evening
- Day 2 - 3 - 4 .- Today and begin to cook ayahuasca diet, medicinal plants teachers
- Day 5 .- For the last night we ayahuasca ceremony
- The day 6 .- At noon (12 am) to the diet, after lunch and dinner.
- The day after 7 .- Breakfast and a hike through the jungle, at once a purification bath with aromatic herbs to cleanse the body and aura.

Procedures for taking the medication during the Diet:

The medicine was taken in our ceremonial house at 6 pm in the evening, until the next day (1 pm), at 1 pm, lunch will be without salt or sugar.

This diet will be a lunch without salt or sugar, will this diet for 3 days as it is written,

This taking of medicine, will be a small to last 20 minutes, then proceed to our respective rooms until the next day.

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