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The workshop in the Peruvian jungle - Iquitos - Peru, is aimed at people looking for the development, growth and personal evolution through the discovery of the meaning of his existence, awakening your awareness and management of their own healing energy to overcome and / or resolve psychological difficulties or organic too.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience traditional medicine in the Peruvian jungle, all with the purpose of starting the path to harmony and restore physical, mental and spiritual.




    To provide an overview introduction to the study of ancient wisdom that captures the essence of shamanism in the Peruvian jungle in their practice. Especially about your contact with nature, traditions and practical applications that can recover this knowledge into our daily lives.


    To provide participants with a solid knowledge for the realization of mystical experiences, the exploration of consciousness, with Ayahuasca cleansing and sacred plants

Show the participants a set of experiments and practice.


adequately informed about the correct use of ayahuasca plant and medicinal plants of the jungle of Peru

Providing personal attention.




 10 days in the peruvian jungle - iquitos - Peru; shamanic center - awkipuma

if you want you can contact us by email:

Coordinator and shamanic guide : Alfonso Gutierrez


for more information, pricing and dates, contact with the coordinator and shaman - Alfonso Gutierrez.

Our doors, shamanic center, are open all year.





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Shamanism Workshop & learning  

Our friend Karl of Austria - Preparing Ayahuasca - january - 2010

Our friend Kim of Germany, next to the shaman alfonso gutierrez - January 2011


Our friend from Romania - Vasile Sturzu by shamans - Don Ladimiro Murayari

and Doña angelica maria rodriguez - October 2012


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