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Ladimiro Murayari is master Shaman , Healer, ayahuascero. Born in Peru in the region of Loreto - Iquitos- Tamshiyacu in the Amazon jungle, Ladimiro is dedicated to shamanism for over 40 years, besides, he is a Vegetalista  and  Palero  ; from very young man dedicated to the search for new medicinal plants and trees.

His teaching was passed from generation to generation of old masters of the jungle

Ladimiro has organized trips throughout the Peruvian jungle through the river Amazons, with groups of tourists, guiding them and making them know their typical customs of the native communities such as: The Boras, The yaguas ,the Huitotos, the orejones , among other communities of the Peruvian jungle

Ladimiro been organizing long workshops for shamanism in the Peruvian jungle, for groups of tourists and people who are interested in the subject of shamanism, which have the opportunity to see, know and experience more closely to Mother Nature, focusing and teaching them the benefits of traditional medicine in the Peruvian Amazon, especially the master plant Ayahuasca, and thus begin their personal journey toward harmony, physical, mental and spiritual.

A few years ago, Ladimiro was invited to shamanism festival held in the Sacred Valley of the Incas - Urubamba Near Machu Picchu - Cusco where they met, people from around the world as, mystics, healers, musicians, among others of the shamanic field.

Ladimiro at that festival was voted the best shaman Master, to carry out “the ayahuasca ceremonies” with tourists groups, where he only not made ceremonies, but also healings physical, mental and spiritual.

Ladimiro has a son that lives in Germany, his son is devoted to shamanism and healing since many years ago.

Ladimiro today works alongside his wife (Maria Angelica Rodriguez-Shaman - Healer) and his staff. Ladimiro is devoted to both healing, physical, mental and spiritual. Also organizes the ayahuasca ceremonies and shamanism workshop in the Peruvian jungle.

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